Four Aces Poker

"Can you beat Four Aces?"

About Four Aces Poker

Four Aces Poker was originally founded in December 2007 in Northwest Indiana in response to local poker leagues leaving the area. The idea was to have a fun atmosphere with a professional touch. The original league lasted three full seasons, and only three games into a fourth. In early 2015, Four Aces Poker officially relocated to the Indianapolis area and began anew. We use customized 11.5 clay composite chips with our logo on them, as well as Kem cards and NEW! 2014 WSOP Tournament cards in our games. The table is an 8' table with dealer position and tray. The games are run by The Tournament Director, a customizable program that controls basically everything you need to run a tournament. 


Seasons are 14 games in length, with #15 being our "Season Championship". The chip counts are always higher than any other tournament, and are a little longer in duration. Game progress can be followed on our Facebook page, as it is constantly updated with big hands, large pots, eliminations, etc. 

Clyde J. Dobbs Memorial Tournament

This tournament is played once a year and is dedicated to my grandfather, who passed away in April 2008 during our inaugural season. One week after his passing, we decided to play on and I named that particular tournament after him. This is typically an invitational tournament where only family and very close friends play. In 2015 this tournament was opened up to all who have played and will continue. The winner receives a custom plaque.

Past winners: (2010 and 2014 - not played)
2008 (Hold'em) - Lorra Seaney
2009 (Hold'em) - Lorra Seaney
2009 (7 Card)   - Bill Cowden 
2011 (Hold'em) - Kathy Cowden
2012 (Hold'em) - Lorra Seaney
2013 (Hold'em) - Bill Cowden

2015 (Hold'em) - Sabrina Lindsey